Thursday, September 11, 2008

Saba, Swimming and Slate

Maeby got to visit another canine cousin over labor day weekend. We went up to the Finger Lakes where my brother and sister-in-law live. Her cousin Saba is 11 years old and has just one good leg - she has two torn ACL's and an injured front leg from jumping out a second story window to get away from the noise of fireworks over the Fourth of July -- as such, she didn't seem to enjoy having a young whipper-snapper running around her territory and chasing her tennis balls, but there wasn't much she could do. They did have words though when Maeby landed on Saba as she was trying to catch a ball, there was much growling and snapping, but no blood was drawn and we got them separated. Most of the time they were cordial to each other. 

A little info about Saba. 
Saba is a rescue dog, we're not sure exactly what her heritage is, but she looks kind of like a tall Corgy. She is named after the Dutch Caribbean Island and is a allergic to most dairy and meats, so she eats vegetarian dog food. She is a really smart dog who used to take care of  a cockatiel (that's a bird, not a bluish green cocker spaniel), until she passed away -- her duties included waking the bird, Dulce, up in the morning by removing the blanket on the cage and watching her intently when she was out of the cage. 

Maeby also has a feline cousin who lives with Saba, Chico, but he stayed away from Maeby, they met once, but only long enough to sniff each other, then Chico took off into the garage.

Some Pictures of Maeby and Saba being cordial with one another:

Maeby decided to give Saba's vegetarian lifestyle a try and had her first taste of corn on the cob.
Maeby taunted Saba for a little while by running circles around her. Saba just growled and tried to snap at her, but was always a bit too slow.

Maeby also got to go down to the lake for some kayaking and swimming

Here she is checking out the water

Most of the time she just seemed a bit wary of our kayaking skills. She always thought the other kayak would be safer. 

Action Shot!!!
Then on another day we took a hike up a nearby gorge. It was a beautiful hike and the slate stream bed was amazing. Then we walked back along fields of corn, alfalfa and soy. 
Maeby trying to get dry - it was a losing battle
Maeby looking out contemplatively (is that word) over the fields of green
In this one I think Maeby looks like a frog. Her legs are too short to be able to run through the alfalfa, so she had to take a series of leaps to get through the field. In real life she looked more like a bounding deer, but this one is all frog - or maybe toad.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


A few weeks ago Maeby had a chance to have a sleepover. Jack's family went out of town and was staying with Romeo, but Romeo's family was leaving for vacation two days before Jack's family got back in town, so we invited Jack and Romeo to stay with us for those two nights, and boy was it crazy. We picked them up at 10:30pm on a Friday night, so by bed time, the three of them were just getting started running around the house. We were woken up every few hours by them running up and down the hall. Suzanne periodically opened her eyes to see three puppy noses peeking over the edge of the bed, and a couple times Romeo even jumped up on the bed, but sorry Romeo, our bed is a no-pup-zone. 

Morning came way too early on Saturday. But having three dogs on Saturday was actually a blessing. I let them out in the yard while doing yard work. Since our back yard doesn't have a fence, I was worried about them running off, but the combination of heat and the pack mentality kept the dogs in the yard. 

Saturday night I needed to get a good night's sleep because I had early meetings at church on Sunday, so I took the three of them on a long, long walk. It worked. They all slept through the whole night, or if they did wake up, they didn't make any noise - which is fine with me. Below are some pictures from that weekend. Yes, I posed most of them, but Suzanne went to Pennsylvania on Saturday and Sunday so I didn't have much to do. 

First, a few pictures of the Three Amigos. Maeby and Jack did most of the wrestling and Romeo just wanted to play fetch, or climb on the back of the couch to get away. 
Maeby and Romeo - I tried to get a picture like this of Jack and Maeby but those two would either try to wrestle or make out if it was just the two of them. 
Dinner Time
Bath Time - I really didn't bathe them, but they seemed to enjoy the tub anyway
Maeby then called to order the first meeting of the Yorkshire Terrier Heritage Club
After the meeting it was game time. Sorry, they are too young to gamble. So they decided to play Sequence. 
That's all for now.