Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Week 2

And now for another installment of Maeby: Year 1. The following pictures are from Maeby's second week in the family. She was just so little and cute and full of life. She kept us laughing, when she was good and kept us on our toes when wasn't so good - or should I say she kept on our toes as she liked to attack them as we walked down the hall. She was also kind of a handful with the little puddles she would leave in the middle of the floor and the stealing of slippers and socks from the bedroom. Thankfully she had a very noticeable poop-sniff, she spun around at least 5 times before squating, so we could usually catch her before she did the deed. Sadly though, when she was doing cute things we often didn't think to grab the camera, and when we did get the camera, she was usually too interested in the camera to continue doing the cute thing we grabbed the camera to take a picture of. And when we were able to get some pictures, she was usually running and bouncing and playing so much and so quickly it was difficult to get a good picture of her. So, many of the pictures that weren't blurred or out of focus were those from when she was sleeping. Sleeping on the couch, sleeping on the floor and sleeping on the air-conditioning vent to keep cool.

But we did get some pictures that weren't sleeping pictures or blurry pictures, like this one (below) where you can't see her face, but you can see how big (or small) she was compared to the fire hydrant.

And the next two are still two of my favorite Maeby pictures. They just show how full of joy and happiness she was.

And I think that this one is in fact my FAVORITE (but I have lots of favorites).

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Recently we went to pick Suzanne up at the airport after a business trip. Unfortunately, her flight was delayed for about 5 hours, so Maeby and I had plenty of time to kill while we waited. We walked around, I took a nap, Maeby showed off her tricks to the crowd and I took some pictures of Maeby's adventures at Dulles (too bad all I had was my camera-phone).

Here is Maeby bored with waiting for Suzanne.
Then Maeby got to ride around in a luggage cart.

But Maeby's favorite was riding on the baggaige carousel.
Just kidding, the carousel was turned off when I put her on it, so don't think I put her in any danger.

Monday, July 14, 2008


For the 4th of July weekend Maeby got go down to South Carolina to visit her cousins for the first time. She has plenty of human cousins, most of whom she has met already, but only two dog cousins and these are the two that she got to visit.

This is Weezer. He's a tiger striped labrador mix.
And this is Blink, she's blueberry tongue labrador mix.
They are great dogs and they immediately accepted Maeby into the pack -- well after the expected initiation process:

Maeby absolutely loved their huge house and the private dog park (backyard) something she doesn't have, being an apartment dog, and she quickly learned how to use the dog door to get to the private dog park, even though the door was designed for big dogs and she had to jump to get through (sorry no pics).
They also had fun going for a walk around the neighborhood despite the extreme Southern heat.
Overall it was a great holiday weekend, and Maeby was sad to have to leave them. Maybe we'll head down when Weezer and Blink welcome a human sibling into their pack at the end of the month.